What Others Say

“I think the world of his songs. He’s not just good for on a river, he’s DAMN good” - Mike Posner

“Jenner combines the lyricism of Joni Mitchell and the commentary of Neil Young to represent the next generation of singer songwriters.” - Grammy nominated producer, Cookie Marenco

“Fox’s artful craft—his transitions, from song to song, place to place, thought to thought—do something only the brave ones do: let us in. It’s a joy to pause with him, to listen from the passenger seat, and hear the life whizzing by.” - Madeline Duff (Author at DC Metro Theatre Arts)


Jenner left California, learned to sing, learned to write, decided to follow the family trade as a river guide, wrote a record to sell to rafting clients, found that making records fit like a sock, recorded 4 more, and now he spends his winters guiding rivers in Patagonia and the rest of his year touring and making up songs.

Extended Bio

"Jenner Fox is a multi-faceted, uber-talented individual who makes people feel better when they're around him. I've witnessed the unique twinkle in Jenner's eye in 2 separate arenas. One was when his hands are on the oars of a raft, smiling in the calm, blue-green pool below a powerful Class V section of the famous Futaleufú River in Patagonia. The other is in a dimly lit lodge, sitting on sheepskins under the Southern Cross in the sky above while he pours his soul into filling the space with his powerful music. In either venue, Jenner is inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting.

On the river and on the road, Jenner is a folk singer with music that ranges from a soft mandolin melody to full-blown guitar strumming that has strings on the edge of breaking. He draws his influence from river canyons, urban communities, John Prine, Josh Ritter, and the people, roads, and stories in between. His lyrics will make you laugh one moment and wipe away tears the next. His CD will live in your player long after you hear him, and will take you right back to the emotions that his talents, voice, and personality crafted. Ask anyone who has been around Jenner - myself included, and they'll echo a lyric from my favorite Jenner Fox original song, "Lullaby " - simply put, there will never be enough time with him.” –

Brett Hochmuth, Founder and CEO of G.O.A.L.S

House Concert Testimonials

“Your house concerts give me warm and fuzzy feelings in a screwed-up world. The intimacy and friendship of the "venue" is so inviting, and it allows us all to actually LISTEN to music!  Jenner is such a star performer:  he's the complete package - thoughtful lyrics, great musicianship, charming personality, and a wonderful stage presence.” - Linda Charny (Bend, House Concert)

“I just loved his songs and his voice. How about that one about aged woman he visited with. Made me cry! On top of everything else you create music drawing our community together!” - Barbara Stevens (D.C. House Concert)

“Needless to say the music was fantastic. Driving home we could not stop talking about what a special evening it was and how lucky we are to live is such a wonderful place with so many wonderful people.” - Woody (Bend, OR, House Concert).


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