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Cassiopeia academy for music performance and songwriting

CAMPS began in a basement in Washington DC with 8 high school students who wanted to spend their first days of summer vacation writing, arranging, and performing original songs. 5 days, 20 songs, and many pick up basketball games later, we filled a house concert with first time performances of original music!

Founders, Jenner Fox and Cuchulain Kelly collaborated with musicians and educators to create a unique curriculum that empowers young people to write songs, form ensembles, and become listening musicians. It’s about the joy of music, it’s about outrunning our inner critics, it’s about expanding our listening horizons, it’s about the song, it’s about communities of young people with enough vulnerability to fill the blank page with something from the heart.

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Jenner performs “Dams are for Beavers” with the Cassiopeoia class of 2018 in Washington, DC.


Morning poems with C.A.M.P.S on the Green River in Utah

Highlights movie from our summer 2019 session.

“Home” an original song by Owen Doherty and Ronan Welch

Cassiopeia– because for all of history people have gazed up at shiny dots in a dark sky, connected the dots, named the clusters, called them gods, built worlds around those gods, and wrote them into songs.

Academy- a group of humans using the power of love, respect, and knowledge to achieve the uncanny math of 1 + 1 = 3

Music– the best thing in the world.

Performance– sharing the best thing in the world. Joy and generosity.

Songwriting– communicating in three dimensions.